2v1 - Bad Etiquette or Fair Game?  

Over on the Warhammer Online Iron Rock server forums, there is getting to be a lengthy discussion about a duo of WH's ganking people. Incomingray and Krieb. I believe both are RR 80, and well they are Witch Hunters....so they pretty much destroy face.

The post started with the following quote:

"I want a duel. 1 on 1. I want to see if you guys are so fail that you have to run around together."

Obviously that spurred a bunch of criticism toward the guy, generally with the standard "QQ someone died in RvR" I can certainly see his frustration though. They are both well geared and well skilled players, playing what is arguably an overpowered class right now. But is that their fault? Certainly not. I for one commend them for taking it to so many of my fellow Destro realm mates day in and day out.

The biggest thing about the situation though, is that they are actually friends that play together. Not just a guildmate, or another "E-Pal". Honest to goodness real life friends that play together, because well, that's what the whole damn game is about. It seems like more and more people whine because they were not given a fair chance in an RvR zone. It's a freaking WAR people, nothing is fair about it. At least go down with some dignity and not make a QQ post about how two superior players just killed you because you were outnumbered.

If you don't like it stick to PvE or find another person / group to roam with. Although those two could probably still kill you 2v6, at least then you should think it's "fair".

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